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What is a direct repair facility ?

Is direct repair right for me ?

Do I need more than one estimate ?

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What is a Direct Repair Facility: top of page

  A Direct Repair Facility is a body shop that is pre approved by specific Insurance companies to estimate your vehicle on their behalf.  After an estimate is completed on your vehicle it is usually transmitted electronically with photos to the insurance company. Shortly after payment is forwarded to the repair shop directly minus any deductible(if applicable).


Is Direct repair right for me? top of page   

   Direct repair programs are good for you if you want your claim handled expeditiously and you want the entire repair process to go smoothly.  Most estimates on todays complex vehicles are just that an estimate.  During the course of most repairs we run into additional parts and labor needed, if your vehicle was inspected by a field inspector from the insurance company the body shop would have to stop repairs and call for the inspector to come out to the shop and approve all necessary parts and labor. If it is a direct repair claim the body shop can just document any additional items and proceed. However,We want you to understand that, as a consumer, this in no way impedes your freedom of choice. As much as repair facilities and insurance companies would like you to believe that you must do business with whom they suggest, it is still your option to choose the reputable facility of your choice. Stager's written warranty assures you of an honest price and superior workmanship. If you have further questions please Email us or call.


Direct Repair company List: top of page   

  1.  Aetna  Insurance Company                        

  2.  Selective Insurance Company                  

  3. Great American Insurance Company        

  4. Travelers Insurance Company

  5. First Trenton Insurance Company

  6. Ohio Casualty Insurance Company

  7. High Point Insurance Company

  8. West American Insurance Company

  9. Crum and Forster Insurance Company

  10.  CNA Commercial Insurance Company

  11.  CNA Personal Insurance Company

  12.   USAA Insurance Company


    This List is Always growing so call for a specific company if it isn't listed.



    Deductible: top of page

              Deductible payment is due upon completion of repair work. The deductible is figured in to our pay structure therefore cannot be absorbed by our facility. For your convenience we do accept Visa , Master Card and American Express to help offset the initial lump sum payment. In certain circumstances we do offer financing of your deductible.


    Do I need more than one estimate? :top of page

        It is a common notion that you are required to get more than one estimate when seeking repair work. This is not the case. You are free to choose any reputable repair provider you wish. It is our job to provide you with a damage report and estimated costs. But with today's complex vehicles, there may be hidden damage. That's why most vehicles are repaired on an open contract basis between the repair facility and the insurance company. We work closely with your insurance company to make certain you are satisfied with the work that is done!